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Expatriate Placements is an international recruitment agency currently specializing in the recruitment of international K-12 English speaking qualified school teachers, TEFL instructors, university lecturers and vocational skills instructors for schools/companies across the Middle and Far East and South East Asia.

We are contracted by clients abroad, in Africa and also locally within South Africa to source English speaking, university graduates in different fields from South Africa, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, United States and Australia.

 Our services are offered free of charge to prospective job applicants and we offer a 3 month guarantee on all candidate placements to our clients.  

With our extensive international network of professional colleagues, clients and pre-qualified candidates we are able to source the right person for the right job at the right time.

As an international agency with a very large online social media presence we are able to source candidates from different English speaking countries as per the client brief specializing in the below fields:

  • K-12 Education
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Vocational and Higher Education
  • Aviation
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Specialist Remote Location Medical and Security Personnel
  • Information Technology
  • Finance – Wealth Management, Banking, Insurance
  • Mining
  • Recruitement-to Recruitement
ExpatriatePlacements6 days ago
ESL: Thailand
ESL and subject Teachers wanted for schools/language training centers in Thailand

Are you a young and adventurous teacher looking to teach in Thailand? If yes, we want to hear from you. Criteria
>All prospective applicants require a BA degree + TEFL/PGCE or B.Ed degree. NB: A completed degree is essential.
>Experience highly beneficial but newly qualified male/female teachers will be considered
>Must be fit and healthy with a Clear Criminal Record
>Willing to relocate to Thailand alone or with a friend/colleague(provided both fit the criteria for jobs)
>Willing to commit to a 6month - 1 year minimum contract
>Applications accepted from teachers up to age 35
>Excellent written and spoken English
>Applications invited from ESL teachers/lecturers from the UK/USA/Canada/Ireland/NZ/AUZ/South Africa as per the schools' criteria
>Different teaching locations in Thailand

On offer: Basic salary + accommodation allowance + other benefits. If interested please send CV to to discuss possible opportunities. NB: This is only suitable for young people looking for an opportunity to gain teaching experience abroad. Please share with any newly qualified teachers and like our FB page for job updates.
ExpatriatePlacements7 days ago
Teach in China
ESL Language lecturers and teachers required to work in different cities across China. Year round intake
We have openings at different language training schools for young, vibrant English speaking teachers passionate about working with young children aged 3-12. Criteria
>BA + PGCE or 120 hour ESL certificate/CELTA
>Male/Female willing to relocate alone without dependents(friends/couples without dependents welcome to apply together)
>Teachers from the UK/USA/Canada/Ireland/NZ/AUZ and South Africa that fit the criteria as stated welcome to apply as per the schools' criteria
>Experience beneficial but newly qualified applicants accepted. Degree must have been physically awarded already
>Willing to relocate to China for a minimum 1 year contract. Various locations in cities including Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Chongqing, Nanjing and more
>Fit and healthy with a clear criminal record
>Applicants up to age 35 accepted as per the clients' criteria
>Excellent written and spoken English
>Willingness to work Weekends/Evenings (no regular office hours)
>Each applicant will be required to submit a short introduction video with their full CV and the application process takes time. It is therefore advisable to start applying well before you intend leaving for China.
In return the schools offer competitive salary/benefits packages depending on qualifications/experience which will include basic salary+ accommodation allowance + flight allowance/reimbursement+ support on arrival + medical + 1 year renewable, legal Z working visa.
>NB: To qualify for a legal working visa you have to hold a completed, awarded university degree, no exceptions
If you are looking to gain experience teaching ESL abroad, want to work with you children and are looking for an adventure in 2020, this could be for you. If interested, please send CV to We are working with different international schools/ language centres and packages vary greatly, so please send your CV to discuss options.
Please share with friends and like our FB page for all job advertisements.
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ExpatriatePlacements1 week ago
Dubai-K-12 Teaching Vacancies
August 2020 Start
We are looking for qualified, experienced male/female school teachers to teach English,Maths,Science,Physics,Biology,History,ICT,Social Science etc for KG-Grade 12
Multiple vacancies for KG-Grade 3 female Junior Primary Teachers
Teachers must have excellent spoken and written English
B.Ed degree or BA + PGCE/HDE diploma and minimum 4 years experience. Prior working knowledge of the UK/Cambridge/IB/US curriculum preferred. Prior Gulf/UAE experience highly beneficial. This will suit younger teachers willing to relocate alone without dependents/teaching couples without dependents looking for a new contract in Dubai. If you are in the UAE already you will require an NOC.
The school offers a competitive tax-free salary+ accommodation/allowance + medical aid + holidays+ flights+ holidays+ 2 year visa. As per the school's requirements teachers from the UK/USA/Canada/Ireland/NZ/AUZ and South Africa are welcome to apply. Please send CV to - heading: DubaiAugust2020
Photos: For illustration purposes only. Please share with any teaching colleagues
ExpatriatePlacements1 week ago
Muscat, Oman
Teacher Recruitment - August 2020
We are now hiring K-12 qualified, experienced English speaking school teachers to work at this school following the Cambridge Curriculum. Teachers holding a B.Ed degree or BA + PGCE/HDE diploma with minimum 3 years experience invited to apply. As per the school's criteria teachers from the UK/USA/Canada/Ireland/NZ/AUZ/South Africa are invited to apply. This will suit younger, single teachers willing to relocate to Oman without any dependents. Friends welcome to apply together, provided both fit the criteria. Multiple openings for KG-Grade 7 female homeroom teachers and Grade 4-12 male/female Math/English/Science/Physics/ICT teachers also required. If interested, please send CV to with heading: MuscatAugust2020 # #educationrecruitment #uk #pgce #nz #cambridge #foundationphase #english #ib #k12education #ukcandidates #mathematics #science #homeroom #southafrican #canadian #australian #newzealand
ExpatriatePlacements1 week ago
Jeddah, KSA
August -2020 Teaching Vacancies
We have primary homeroom male/female teaching positions at this great school open for the start of the new academic year. Subjects to be taught: English/Science/Mathematics school is inviting applications from qualified, experienced K-12 teachers with several openings for KG-Grade 6. Excellent written and spoken English required as well as a B.Ed degree or BA + PGCE/HDE diploma and 2-3 years post-grad experience.
Excellent tax-free salary + accommodation + medical aid + holidays + flights + 2 year single status visa( ie NO family benefits/sponsorship) As per the school's requirements teachers from the UK/USA/Canada/Ireland/NZ/AUZ and South Africa are welcome to apply. CVs can be sent to with heading: JeddahHomeroom2020
Photos: For illustration purposes only
ExpatriatePlacements2 weeks ago
Jeddah, KSA
We are preparing our recruitment campaign for August 2020 for this excellent school in Jeddah, KSA. They have openings for qualified, experienced English speaking male/female teachers for the start of the new academic year. Subjects:
English/Social Science/Physical Science/Mathematics/Homeroom/KG-Grade 3 ECD teachers always in high demand. Teachers across Grade4-Grade 12 in all subjects also required. Prior international experience teaching the Cambridge/IB/Canadian/UK/US curriculum will be a distinct advantage as will prior KSA/Gulf experience. Teachers from SA/Canada/Ireland/NZ/AUZ/UK/US holding a degree with teacher status and minimum 2-3 years experience are invited to apply. This will suit teachers willing to relocate alone or teaching couples without dependents.
Very competitive tax-free salary + accommodation + medical aid + holidays + flights + 2 year renewable visa on offer. If interested, please send CV to
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