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Expatriate Placements is an international recruitment agency currently specializing in the recruitment of international K-12 English speaking qualified school teachers, TEFL instructors, university lecturers and vocational skills instructors for schools/companies across the Middle and Far East and South East Asia.

We are contracted by clients abroad, in Africa and also locally within South Africa to source English speaking, university graduates in different fields from South Africa, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, United States and Australia.

 Our services are offered free of charge to prospective job applicants and we offer a 3 month guarantee on all candidate placements to our clients.  

With our extensive international network of professional colleagues, clients and pre-qualified candidates we are able to source the right person for the right job at the right time.

As an international agency with a very large online social media presence we are able to source candidates from different English speaking countries as per the client brief specializing in the below fields:

  • K-12 Education
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Vocational and Higher Education
  • Aviation
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Specialist Remote Location Medical and Security Personnel
  • Information Technology
  • Finance – Wealth Management, Banking, Insurance
  • Mining
  • Recruitement-to Recruitement
ExpatriatePlacements1 day ago
Muscat, Oman- Urgent hire
We have a few urgent openings for qualified English speaking K-12 teachers for an immediate start.
Male/Female teachers holding a B.Ed degree or BA + PGCE or HDE diploma needed:
1 x Grade 2 female Foundation Stage teacher
1 x Grade 9-11 English male/female specialist teacher
5 x Grade 5-6 English homeroom teachers
All interested teachers must be willing to relocate to Muscat alone for a start as soon as visa processing allows and all supporting documents are required to be submitted with an application. Three years post-graduate experience essential.
The schools offer a tax-free salary + shared 2 bedroom flat(own bedroom) + medical aid + holidays + flights+ 2 year contract.
If interested please send CV and all supporting documents to
NB: Shortlisted candidates will be contacted within 5 working days with further information.
Please share!
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ExpatriatePlacements shared a post.4 weeks ago
In pictures: Renaissance Day celebration in Dhofar.
ExpatriatePlacements4 weeks ago
Urgent hire:
Muscat, Oman
We have openings for English speaking female/male teachers with more than 3 years experience teaching English ESL or 1st Language. KG-Grade 4 teachers required.
Applicants must hold teacher status and be SACE registered. Male/female applicants holding a B.Ed degree or BA with PGCE/HDE diploma will be considered.
The school offers a tax-free salary and all other expat benefits + single status visa. Start in August 2019. NB: Teaching couples without dependents welcome to apply together. No family sponsorship available for dependent non-teaching spouse or dependent school children offered.
To apply please send CV with head and shoulders photo on the front and all supporting documents to today. NB: Shortlisted teachers will be contacted by email. Please share!
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ExpatriatePlacements4 weeks ago
Now hiring: South African Qualified K-Grade 10 School Teachers
Start date- August 2019
5 x English female Teachers Grade KG-10
5 x English male Teachers Grade 4-10
We have openings for qualified classroom teachers specializing in English preferably with prior Gulf experience, but this is not essential.
Teachers must hold a B.Ed degree or BA + PGCE/HDE diploma and SACE registered with minimum 2 years post-graduate experience
The school offers a tax-free salary + all other normal expat benefits and single status visa(ie no family sponsorship or benefits) teaching couples without dependent children welcome to apply too.
If you are available for a quick start in August and want to apply, please send professional, updated CV with head and shoulders photo to info@expatriateplacements today. NB: Due to the urgency of the positions and the time of year, all supporting documents are required including copies of: your passport, qualifications, university transcripts, two written reference letters etc.
Shortlisted teachers will be contacted directly by email with further information. Please share with any colleagues who might be interested in working in Riyadh, KSA
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ExpatriatePlacements1 month ago
Doha, Qatar: Mid-August 2019 start
We have two urgent vacancies for English specialist teachers to join this established school:
1 x Lower Secondary English Teacher
1 x IGCSE First Language Teacher
All teachers are required to hold a university degree with teacher status and minimum 2 years experience. Gulf experience highly advantageous.
Excellent written and spoken English essential.
The school offers a tax-free salary + own accommodation + medical aid + holidays +flights+ schooling for 1 dependent school aged child(single status visa only ie no full family sponsorship) + 2 year contract.
If you are interested please send professional, updated CV with photo, contactable references and all supporting documents in English to
NB: Due to the time of year all documents must be ready for visa processing.
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted within 7 working days
Please follow our FB page for all job updates and share with any colleagues who might be interested
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ExpatriatePlacements1 month ago
Urgent hire- English/Arabic speaking KG female teacher required to join this international private school following the US curriculum in Umm Al Quwain, UAE.
As per the school's criteria teachers from Lebanon/Egypt/South Africa/Jordan#USA#Canada#Ireland#AUZ and New Zealand are eligible to apply. Teachers must be locally available or willing to relocate without dependents to Umm Al Quwain or on spousal/own visa.
B.Ed degree or BA + PGCE/HDE required in addition to 3 years experience. Gulf experience highly beneficial.
To apply send CV in Word with head and shoulders photo on the front, contact details, contactable references (including formal written experience letters) and all other supporting documents to Shorlisted teachers will be contacted within 5 working days.
The school offers a tax-free salary of 10500 AED and upwards(depending experience/qualifications) medical aid contribution + own accommodation+holidays+flights+single status visa(ie no family sponsorship)
Please share with any KG female teachers