About Us

Expatriate Placements is an International Recruitment Agency owned and managed by Milandre van Rensburg, a South African born former expat who spent more than a decade living and working abroad.

We are able to source English speaking graduates from various countries specializing in different industries globally according to the client brief.

Our current areas of specialization are in Global K-12 International Education, Higher Education, Vocational Skills Instruction and English Second Language (ESL) with a focus on placements across the Middle East, Far East and South East Asia.

Through partnerships with other international companies/agencies and direct clients we are able to offer job opportunities in various other countries abroad and locally within South Africa.

Since its inception in 2012 the business has gone from strength to strength with many new job opportunities having been secured for expatriate English speaking job seekers specializing in different industries in various locations around the world.

The business is built on an ethos of transparency, honesty and integrity and we value building successful, long-term relationships with clients and job applicants alike. Our aim is to ensure a win-win-win situation with every successful placement.