What is the minimum eligibility criteria for job seekers to apply for jobs?

  • A 4 year full time University Degree is required unless otherwise specified for certain trade professions. Degrees must have been completed at a reputable Western university and the degree must have been physically awarded already
  • Experience Required:
  • Middle East – Generally a minimum 2 years post-graduate full time work experience is required for jobs unless otherwise specified
  • Far East/South East Asia – For ESL roles a minimum of 1 year full time work experience is required for jobs unless otherwise specified.
    NB: We do have vacancies for newly qualified graduates too, so please see specific job advertisements for requirements if you are interested in teaching English as a Second Language
  • Medically fit and healthy
  • Willing to relocate abroad for a contract
  • Clear criminal record from home country (less than 6 months old)
  • Fluent in English with excellent written and spoken English required for all positions
  • Willing to sign a 1 or 2 year contract
  • CVs and all supporting documents must be available in English
  • Age cut off for work permit purposes 54 years of age. NB: Some clients have much lower upper age limits depending on the client criteria.

Essential Documents Required for agency registration and formal applications

  • A professional, up-to-date CV in Word format with head and shoulders photo on the front page
  • A recent police clearance from your country of residence less than 6 months old
  • Degree and other Qualification copies all in English
  • Degree transcripts
  • Passport – NB: Passports must be valid for at least another 2 years
  • Two professional references on formal company/school letterhead
  • If married an unabridged marriage certificate is also required should you wish to sponsor your spouse
  • For job seekers intending to travel with minor dependent children an unabridged birth certificate will also be required

What are the costs involved in applications?

The agency offers a job placement service to prospective job applicants free of charge
NB: Keep in mind job applicants are responsible for the costs associated with their document preparation, visa processing, medical testing and in some cases paying for their flights abroad (at the start of the contract). The costs are then reimbursed by the new employer abroad.

How do I apply for vacancies I am interested in?

Our vacancies are advertised online on different social media platforms including LinkedIn, our own Facebook page and different social media expat groups on Facebook. Please follow us online on social media to see available vacancies.