Document Checklist

Document Checklist for all Job Applications

  1. Full Curriculum Vitae in Word format with a passport type colour jpeg, head and shoulder photograph on front page –(females’ shoulders should be covered and candidates should wear work attire)(Please put the most recent work experience first and ensure that you account for all gaps and that the CV is up-to-date and follow the CV format guidelines as closely as possible)
  2. Copies of all qualifications – Diploma/Degree copies including university transcripts, TEFL, SACE registration if from SA. NB: Matric/Senior Certificates + university results are also required for formal job applications.
  3. A recent clear colour, jpeg photograph (head and shoulders) must be included on the front page. Another full length photo can be included with your application documents.
  4. Two written references of former employers (contactable) on school letterhead (Include email addresses for referees on your CV and state whether we can contact them)
    The referees must be from former HOD or principals and not colleagues
  5. Copy of your most recent police clearance (less than 6 months old)
  6. Copy of your passport with the address page and photo visible
  7. Copy of your current resident status/work visa if applicable

NB! We regret that we cannot put candidates forward for interviews if the CVs are not in the correct format and we don’t have all the documents as stated above

Apart from the CV in Word format and the jpeg photo, kindly send all other supporting documents in PDF format and make sure it is easy to read and that the files are not too large so that they can be sent in a single file to prospective employers.

All of the above documentation is required in order to proceed with a formal job application. NB!! – Please note – ALL documents are required in English for visa processing. Qualifications need to be attested by the relevant authorities in the country from where you obtained your qualifications.