Agency Procedure for Formal Applicant Submissions

Once a Client has given the agency a formal brief/instruction to fill any current or upcoming international vacancies and supplied full details with regards to the job descriptions, eligibility criteria and other candidate requirements, the agency will advertise the vacancies on behalf of the client in various media in order to source suitable applicants.

The same standard steps and procedures are followed for all clients and positions that candidates want to formally apply for, unless otherwise specified or requested by the client. The following steps are followed:

  1. Once a Candidate has expressed interest in applying for a specific position the agency will email the client a copy of the prospective applicant’s CV without contact details or any supporting documents. Should the client deem the prospective applicant unsuitable he/she will be notified and the agency will continue to advertise the vacancy in order to source more suitable candidates, as per the client’s requirement.
  2. Should the client wish to add the agency’s candidate to their shortlist of suitable applicants and indicate their interest in formally interviewing the candidate for a specific vacancy, the candidate contact details will be made available to the client, upon request.
  3. Once the preferred method of interview has been confirmed by the client the agency will inform the candidate that he/she has been shortlisted for interview by the client and confirm whether he/she would like to proceed with a formal application and confirm interview date and availability.
  4. Once confirmation of availability for interview has been received from the candidate this will be communicated to the client and the agency can either assist in pre-arranging an interview date/time suitable to both the applicant and the client or the client will be free to contact the applicant directly, should they wish to make these arrangements themselves.
  5. Kindly note that the agency wishes to be kept informed of interview dates/times and feedback on interview performance will be required to enable us to assist, should the client wish to proceed further and consider the applicant a good prospect for the job.
  6. Depending on the performance at interview and whether a 2nd round of interviews are required by the client, the agency will make all supporting documents including copies of formal qualifications, passport, reference letters etc. available to the client upon request in order for the client to make an informed choice as to whether they would like to extend a formal job offer to the applicant. 

    Please note: All candidate information should be kept private and confidential and not    shared with 3rd parties.

  7. Once the client has expressed their intention to extend a formal job offer, this will be communicated to the applicant or if they have not been successful with the application, they will also be notified of this.
  8. If an applicant has accepted a formal offer from the client, they will be given the necessary information and guidance to apply for their entry clearance visas at the appropriate Embassy of the country to which they will be relocating to. Obtaining the entry clearance and applying for the visa to work abroad is the applicant’s own responsibility and not the agency’s. 

    The client should also state very clearly what medical tests are required to be done by the applicant prior to departure, which documents need to be attested and what portion of the visa related costs will be reimbursed to the applicant etc.